Mistahey Musqua Treatment Centre can be found in a remote and tranquil area nestled amongst the white Aspens besides Big Bear Lake on the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation.  The Centre specializes in treatment of alcohol and drug addiction using a culturally relevant approach, which respects the values and beliefs of its First Nation clients.

The Mistahey Musqua Treatment Centre operates in accordance to the National Alcohol/Drug Addiction Program Standards. The centre utilizes a holistic approach in its design, implementation and administration of treatment programs. This eight bed centre is run by 10 qualified staff. Their goal is to assist clients to off-set drug and alcohol abuse in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life free of addiction.

The tranquil surrounding of mother nature helps an individual find serenity within themselves. Our mission is to promote a healthy addiction-free lifestyle and to enhance the well being of our First Nation Communities. We do this by providing holistic (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) primary, secondary and tertiary counselling services in the area of prevention, treatment and aftercare.



Simon & Alma Kytwayhat played a key role of Mistahey Musqua Treatment Center being situated on the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation.

The planning of the Mistahey facility was based on the identified needs of all the member nations of MLTC.  Prominent elders were instrumental in choosing the site of the facility. Community members and elders were involved in the design of the building which from the top resembles a cross.  The twelve sides represent the stops of recovery by AA. In the centre is a circle which represents the circle of healing, the sweat lodge and life. The four wings of the building represent the four directions that the pipe is turned during pipe ceremonies.

The facility was named Mistahey Musqua in reverence to Chief Mistahey Musqua, a spiritual leader who resisted fighting at the time of the Frog Lake Massacre.  He is symbolic to the people of the north as, “People looked to him in the rough times. He saved lives. He was powerful and still very kind. Here at the centre we ask him to help us help others. We try to relive what he did and what he taught us.” Quoted by Simon Kytwayhat.

Mistahey Musqua was administered by Makwa Sahgaiehcan Band for several years after it was built, although it did not actually open for treatment. In the fall of 1988 the Meadow Lake Tribal Council took over the administration of the centre & soon after the Mistahey Musqua Treatment Center Board was established and a director was hired.


The Facility

The tranquility and peacefulness of our compound give our clients a comfort of knowing that they can have a quiet peaceful surroundings in order to collect their thoughts and find the peace and serenity within themselves.