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Mistahey Musqua Treatment Centre


  • A 40-day program

  • A blend of traditional and modern healing practices

  • The involvement of elders

  • Individual and group counselling

  • Traditional parenting

  • Powerpoint presentations (meth, crack cocaine, alcohol abuse, cocaine, etc)

  • After care program

  • 12 step program

  • Land base activities

  • Nature walks

  • MLTC resource facilitators

  • Sewing ribbon skirts/shirts along with doing beadwork

  • Elder’s from surrounding First Nation’s providing knowledge & skills in arts & crafts.

  • We use cultural, traditional, spiritual approaches of the First Nations belief systems.

  • Client base needs

  • Programs put in place for the use of client involvement for the teaching aspect.

  • Clients take part in daily cultural programming which is an important component of the program.

  • Clients have their own rooms and space to feel comfortable when in the program.

  • Clients are served healthy meals and are provided with meals that may need to go according to a specific diet. E.g.: diabetic, high blood pressure, dental soft. Etc.

  • Clients are expected to do daily chores as a way of teaching life skills

  • Daily smudges and sharing circles.

  • Clients are given house rules and guidelines when entering the center.

  • The use of the medicine wheel teachings.

  • Clients are on a 14 day blackout upon arrival which includes: no visitors, no phone calls.

  • Clients are not allowed to start a personal relationship with each other when in treatment.

  • As part of the life skills program they are taught resume writing skills to help them get into the work force once they have cleaned up their lives.

  • Cultural and land base teachings-hunting, fishing and trapping.


Sweat Lodge

The success the centre is currently experiencing is the cultural program. The construction of a sweat house that was built in 2006 has bought many teachings and awareness for clients, staff and visitors that attend the sweat lodge every Wednesday except during in service week. The sweat is done through the MLTC Elder Program. Clients also do the gathering of the wood and rocks for the sweat and they are given the teachings that go along with the ritual. 

Sweat Lodge

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Our clients learn how to hunt, fish and trap, survival off the land to get back to their cultural ways and learn how to provide for themselves and their families, they also learn how to prepare the food, cleaning and storage of the food they catch.  They are welcome to share it with their families and with any individual that comes to visit them in the centre. The clients also set rabbit snares, set a net and do rod and reel fishing; they learn to clean and prepare the food that they get, the teachings that go with gathering food provided by elders that come to provide their expertise to the clients.

We will continue to carry out regular programming with the help of many people, our goal is to continue to deliver a quality treatment program for the nine F.N’s with the utmost respect of their cultural values and beliefs of the First Nation and Metis clients that attend the centre.    

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Cultural Teachings

Sharing our culture and gathering together with our drummers and our elders.

Cultural Teachings

Horse Therapy

Horse therapy has been recommended and it has been used a few times already.

Horse Therapy
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