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Integrated Delivery of Evidence Based and Two Eye Seeing programming;

  • Wellbriety,

  • Living in Balance,

  • Drugs of Abuse,

  • Personal Wellness

  • Music and Language 

  • Land Based Programming,

  • Culture Aftercare Planning,

  • Culturally Relevant Programming,

  • Outreach and

  • participation in Community Based Programming when available.

  • Teepee Teaching, 7 Sacred Teaching, Sweats, Smudging, Circle and Talking Circles

  • Horticulture Therapy


Prevention approaches aimed at promoting healthy behaviours such as

  • Nutrition,

  • Relationship building,

  • Maintenance of aftercare,

  • Sexual Wellness & (STBBI) Prevention,

  • Loss and grief (EDU Therapy),

  • Naloxone Training

  • Reconnecting with language and cultural practices.


Support Services

  • Virtual Care via Virtual Consultation with Nurse Practitioner

  • Virtual Care via Telehealth

  • Mental Health Therapist

  • Pharmacists from Lakeside Pharmacy in Loon Lake

  • MLTC Registered Dietitian

  • MLTC 2nd Level Services

  • SIIT Career Centre

  • 2nd Stage Housing


  • Suicide Risk Assessment

  • Native Wellness Assessment 

  • DUSI - Drug Use Screening Inventory

  • Vulnerability Displacement Protocol


Wellbriety is a “journey of hope and healing for Indigenous peoples seeking recovery from addictions”. The Red Road to Wellbriety came to be as a collaborate effort of many people who provided their recovery stories, their energy, prayers and encouragement to help Indigenous people enter and maintain their Red Road journey and life in Wellbriety. It is designed to help us gain power over ourselves, and to learn to ask the Creator for help in this journey.

Living In Balance

  • Session 1: Definitions, Terms, and Self-Assessment

  • Session 2: Alcohol and Other Drug Education

  • Session 3: Triggers, Cravings, and Avoiding Relapse

  • Session 4: Planning for Sobriety

  • Session 5: Alcohol and Tobacco

  • Session 6: Spirituality

  • Session 7: Sex, Alcohol, and Other Drugs

  • Session 8: Stress and Emotional Well-Being

  • Session 9: Skills for Reducing Stress

  • Session 10: Negative Emotions

  • Session 11: Anger and Communication

  • Session 12: Relapse Prevention Basics


Drugs of Abuse

An education on symptomatology, pharmacology, neurobiology, treatment, and recovery management. Specific drugs discussed include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, inhalants, prescription drugs, and more. Drugs of Abuse demonstrates the progression of drug abuse to recovery management, from residential treatment sites to outpatient treatment options and sober living.


Culture As Foundation

Culture is an important social determinant of health, and a holistic concept of health is integral part of a strong cultural identity.

Sweat Lodge


This program created an atmosphere of pride and hope for many participants through exposure to culturally relevant experiences like beading.

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Land Based Activities

Indigenous culture expressed through language and ways of being has developed through connection to land since time immemorial. The link between the health of the ecosystem and health of the human being is widely recognized, yet Indigenous knowledge is unique in honouring the land as life source.

Cultural Teachings



Horse Therapy
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